Prof. Dan Hatcher op-ed: Stop theft of foster children’s assets

UB 3-3024_HatcherIn a March 3 op-ed  in The Baltimore Sun, Professor Daniel Hatcher urges the General Assembly to approve legislation that would stop the state’s foster care agencies from taking foster children’s resources. Maryland, like other states, forces foster children to relinquish all their assets — including Veterans Administration benefits from children whose parent or parents died in the military — to repay foster care costs, even though Maryland is legally obligated under state and federal law to provide and pay for foster care services. Moreover, the state last year hired a private company, Maximus Inc., to determine how Maryland could wring more money from foster children, whom it characterized as a “revenue generating mechanism.” Writes Hatcher: “It’s almost out of a Charles Dickens novel.”

Update (March 6): Sarcasm alert! Check out the Wonkette’s blog post on Dan Hatcher’s op-ed. Title: “States Find Cash Cow: It Is Impoverished Kids in Foster Care, Hooray!”

Learn more about Professor Hatcher.

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