Weich hails improvement in U.S. News rankings

Dean Ronald Weich sent the following letter to the student body March 10 upon the release of U.S. News & World Report‘s annual law school rankings.

Dear UB Students:

Today U.S. News & World Report released its annual rankings of law schools, and I’m pleased to report that the University of Baltimore School of Law is on the rise. Our overall ranking improved significantly, moving up from 135 last year to 122 this year. In addition, our part-time J.D. program climbed from 29 to 23 in the rankings, and our clinical program was listed among the top 20 in the country (#17, tied with Harvard!).

In the past, I’ve expressed skepticism about the validity of U.S. News’ methodology and I continue to believe we should not put too much stock in unscientific measures of a school’s “reputation.” But I’m always happy to have our program assessed by objective criteria such as bar passage and post-graduate employment, where UB’s performance remains strong. I am enormously proud of our students for exceeding expectations and outperforming their peers at many other schools.

For good or ill, the U.S. News rankings have an intangible effect on how we feel about ourselves, and they influence how employers, alumni and prospective students view us. So today is a day to feel very good about being members of the UB School of Law community. I thank our faculty and staff for their efforts on behalf of students, and I thank our students for their focus and dedication.


Ronald Weich

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