Business law clerkship program launches updated newsletter

Professor Barbara Ann White announces the launch of the new, online MSBA Business Law Section Newsletter. White says that the site is a work in progress and that she welcomes comments or suggestions, which can be emailed to

White is the editor of the newsletter and the director of the MSBA-University of Baltimore Business Law Clerkship Program.

Editorial board members are Meredith Cipriano, J.D. ʽ15, Laura Gagne, J.D. ʽ15, Susan Goebel-Nolan, J.D. ʽ15, Brittany Hampton, J.D. ʽ15, Vadim Milyaev, J.D. ʽ15, Stuart Smith, J.D. ʽ15, Anne Andoryan, J.D. ʽ16 and Alex Castelli, J.D. ʽ16.

Cipriano is the author of a just-posted article, “Limited Liability Company Charging Orders Part II — Charging Order Protections: Exclusivity, Foreclosure and Single Member LLCs.”

The MSBA Business Law Section Newsletter is still soliciting submissions. Articles can be submitted in Word or PDF format and should include title, byline and the author’s (or authors’) mailing address(es). Send articles to

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