Clinic students spend Saturday helping immigrants in Easton

crop -- Brendan Sullivan -- Imm Rights ClinicProfessor Elizabeth Keyes, director of the Immigrant Rights Clinic, sends the following report:

A group of Immigrant Rights Clinic students headed out bright and early Saturday morning, April 4, to provide immigration screening services to about two dozen immigrants in Easton, Md. Kelvin Lucas, Ifeyinwa Ekpe, Louise Moss and Brendan Sullivan (above right, with client), who worked with the Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center (ChesMRC) in Easton to set up the event, spent five hours providing detailed consultations to a diverse group of clients. Clients needed advice on everything from asylum claims (something this group already already has a lot of experience with) to handling snags in the immigration process. Clients also requested information about other avenues to achieving  legal status. Three volunteer immigration attorneys were on hand to provide supervision, but the students took the lead on interviewing and counseling; they also wrote up the intakes. As Ify Ekpe said, “This is the kind of thing we go to law school for!” The staff at ChesMRC was impressed by the students’ experience, enthusiasm and willingness to dive in, even when the stories they were hearing were extremely difficult. By this time in the semester, I know the students’ talents and abilities well — and I loved hearing others recognize those same talents and abilities.

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