3L Kellye Beathea contributes op-ed about work of The Bob Parsons Veterans Advocacy Clinic

kellye beathea photo

Today’s Daily Record features an op-ed by 3L Kellye Beathea (above). Titled “Providing legal services for veterans,” the article describes Beathea’s experiences in UB’s Bob Parsons Veterans Advocacy Clinic.

“My experience in the clinic opened my eyes to the medical and legal hardships of disabled veterans,” wrote Beathea, who added that — according to the clinic’s director, Professor Hugh McClean — more than 40 U.S. law schools now operate clinics that specialize in veterans law.

Continued Beathea: “The clinics provide pro bono legal services to veterans who are represented by students admitted to practice law under state student-practice rules. What distinguishes these clinics from other veterans service organizations is the amount of time students dedicate to conducting research and advocating for their clients. Taking on the most complex cases, students are able to examine every issue and provide comprehensive advice to veterans.

“With the influx of veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, veterans need legal assistance now more than ever. While the law school clinic model is not the only means of providing these services, it certainly is an effective one.”

Congratulations to Kellye Beathea and to all in The Bob Parsons Veterans Advocacy Clinic!

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