Professor Emeritus Arnold Rochvarg publishes ebook; see dates for free download

A Rochvarg book jacket

Professor Emeritus Arnold Rochvarg has released a new ebook, The Watergate Conspiracy Conviction and Appeal of Assistant Attorney General Robert Mardian.

To download the ebook without charge, readers can take advantage of promotion days, which are scheduled for July 1, July 4 and Aug. 1. The book otherwise costs 99 cents. Access the book on’s Kindle store here. (Click on the “Look Inside” feature at top left of the Amazon page to read sections of the book.)

Robert Mardian was the assistant attorney general for Internal Security during President Richard Nixon‘s first term. In this role, he was involved in many controversial matters, including the Pentagon Papers case. Mardian was convicted along with former Attorney General John Mitchell, as well as Nixon White House aides John Ehrlichman and H.R. “Bob” Haldeman, of conspiracy to obstruct justice at the Watergate conspiracy trial held before Judge John Sirica.

Rochvarg was a member of the legal defense team for the appeal of Mardian’s conviction.

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