Professor Jane Murphy in The Sun: Stop making courts a first stop for low-income parents

Laurence M. Katz Professor of Law Jane Murphy, who co-directs the University of Baltimore School of Law’s Mediation Clinic for Families, contributed an op-ed that ran in the June 16 Baltimore Sun.

“The gap between rich and poor is clear when you look at the ways in which parents reach decisions about where their children will live and how they will be supported when Mom and Dad are no longer together,” Murphy wrote in “Stop making courts a first stop for many low-income parents.”

While people with money can choose when and how much the courts will be involved in their family’s “reorganization,” poor families face a completely different process: The state, through the courts, is deeply involved in their affairs, limiting parents’ choices and often creating “a chain reaction of trouble,” Murphy said.

Learn about Professor Murphy and the Mediation Clinic for Families.

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