Prof. Kenneth Lasson decries U.S. policy on status of Jerusalem


In a June 22 Jerusalem Post op-ed, Professor Kenneth Lasson decries U.S. policy on the status of Jerusalem, the result of what he calls the State Department’s “heavy-handed reluctance to offend Arab populations in the region.”

In the op-ed, “America’s foolish policy,” Lasson recalls a visit to the U.S. Consulate in East Jerusalem to get his grandson a U.S. passport so he could travel with his American-born parents to the United States.

“All went smoothly until I asked the woman processing the forms why there was no country listed after ‘Jerusalem’ on the application,” Lasson wrote.

The clerk responded that because Jerusalem’s status was in dispute, no country was listed after the city’s name.

Lasson says he asked what would happen if he inserted the word “Israel” next to “Jerusalem” on his grandson’s passport.

“The best that could happen is that you’d be cited for unlawfully tampering with an official government document,” she replied. “The worst would be that you could be stopped at the border and thrown in jail.”

Writes Lasson: “Lo and behold, that policy has now been endorsed by the US Supreme Court, which recently ruled that the president has virtually exclusive authority to determine national policy on things like the status of Jerusalem.”

Learn more about Professor Lasson.

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