Professor Colin Starger’s Supreme Court Mapping Project joins forces with Free Law Project

Professor Colin Starger, the creator of the Supreme Court Mapping Project, has joined forces with the Free Law Project to build a web-based version of his mapping software that will allow users to create their own visualizations of Supreme Court doctrine as it has evolved over time. The mapping project, currently a desktop software tool, will be incorporated into the Free Law Project’s CourtListener platform.

Writes Starger on his In Progress blog:

“Social justice informs this collaboration at its deepest level. As its name suggests, the Free Law Project (FLP)  is committed to providing free access to primary legal materials and to sophisticated legal research tools. The idea is to provide a platform for folks to find the law they need without forking over hefty sums to big providers like Lexis and Westlaw. The FLP is also committed to making all of their software open source and providing useful APIs so that the technically inclined can improve, tweak, or change the underlying software as they please. The radical openness of the platform insists on putting people before profits and community before competition.”

Learn more about Professor Starger.

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