Prof. Dionne Koller discusses Baylor football scandal

Dionne -- small file

Professor Dionne Koller, the director of UB’s Center for Sport and the Law, is quoted in an Inside Higher Ed story about a controversy involving Baylor University’s football team. While the Baptist institution, led by former judge and prosecutor Kenneth Starr, did not take action against a football player charged with assaulting a female student, a Texas jury this month found the athlete guilty of sexual assault. It was the second such conviction involving a Baylor football player in the last two years.

An article in Texas Monthly alleged that Baylor had been warned about the student player’s violent history by the coach at his previous school, Boise State University. The Baylor coach denies having received any such information.

The player was sentenced to six months in jail and 10 years on probation, according to Inside Higher Ed.

“At this point, I’m afraid that even this won’t be a galvanizing or watershed moment,” Koller said. “In the market of college sports, there’s always a team that’s willing to take these guys. And we will keep tuning in. It’s another sad day for sports, and I still wonder how many more sad days we’ll have to see before fans and alumni and faculty really demand some accountability.”

Learn more about Professor Koller.

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