Assistant Dean Rebecca Bainum secures child’s ability to stay lawfully in U.S. with mother

Breaking (and excellent) news: On Sept. 4, Assistant Dean Rebecca Bainum secured the ability of a Central American child to stay lawfully in the United States with her mother.

Bravo, Rebecca!

See email below from Professor Elizabeth Keyes, director of the Immigrant Rights Clinic:


I thought I would cheer people into the weekend by letting you know that this morning Rebecca Bainum won—handily—a case for a Central American child trying to remain with her mother in the U.S. 

Rebecca took this case pro bono from KIND last year and threw herself into the strange world of “special immigrant juvenile status,” which demands going to both state court and immigration court. This morning, she got the order her child client needed to be able to stay here lawfully with her family. Not only that, but the judge specifically commended Rebecca for how clear her pleadings were (and with this weird immigration issue in state court, clarity is incredibly important)—and let the family off the hook from testifying, on the strength of the affidavits Rebecca helped them develop.

In a week when a lot of people have been horrified by the visual images of a migration crisis half a world away, how wonderful to have a small victory—one at a time—in response to the migration crisis that we see in our own community.

Congratulations, Rebecca!


Learn more about Assistant Dean Rebecca Bainum.

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