Tax Clinic featured in Baltimore Sun education section

The University of Baltimore School of Law’s Tax Clinic was featured in a Baltimore Sun education supplement on Sept. 6.

The story, “Social Justice: Changing minds and communities,” begins with an anecdote from clinic director John Snyder III:

“On April 27, 2015, a day of cataclysmic upheaval in Baltimore, professor John Snyder III of the University of Baltimore School of Law received a phone call from an anxious female voice on the other end. The Baltimore resident received a notice from the Internal Revenue Service of their interest in her property due to her tax debt, a frightening call indeed to receive. ‘I found it hard to understand her due to noise in the background,’ Snyder recalls. Excusing herself briefly, the woman returned to the phone saying, ‘Sorry, that was some people rioting outside in the street,’ and immediately returned to discussing her tax problems.

“Snyder concludes his story noting the fierce reality many in our society have the unfavorable experience of encountering. ‘The threat of enforced tax collection can seem like a petty thing,’ he says, ‘but when one faces it as a low income taxpayer, it can make every other problem fade into the background.’”

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