Weich, Tiefer quoted in Politico on Benghazi hearing

Dean Ronald Weich and Professor Charles Tiefer are quoted in two Politico articles about Hillary Clinton’s appearance today before the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

In “Advice to Hillary Clinton: 5 pitfalls to avoid,” Weich, a former assistant attorney general in the U.S. Department of Justice during the first Obama administration, urged Clinton not to speculate and to stick strictly to what is known about the Benghazi episode, in which Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed the night of Sept. 11-12, 2012, when militants attacked and burned the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Clinton was the secretary of state at the time of the attack, which has been the focus of multiple congressional investigations. Clinton critics have said she and the State Department could have done a better job of ensuring security at the U.S. consulate.

“In life, you never know what you don’t know, therefore you need to be careful not to go out on a limb to assert facts that are not rock solid,” Weich told Politico.

Weich also said that Clinton should stand back and let the Democrats on the Benghazi Committee, who are led by Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, defend her stewardship as secretary of state.

“The Democrats on this committee are very, very adept at defending witnesses from unfair attacks,” Weich said. “Ranking Member Cummings and his troops will do their job and protect her. She doesn’t need to be the one to raise points when her allies on the committee are ready to do so.”

In “Meet the well-paid pros behind the Benghazi panel,” Professor Tiefer, a former solicitor and deputy general counsel of the U.S. House of Representatives who served as special deputy chief counsel for the Democrats during the 1987 Iran-contra investigation, expressed skepticism about the motives of the current Republican-led Benghazi Committee, saying Republicans were “striving for the veneer of focusing on national security.”

“It’s broken all political records by going against a presidential candidate of the opposing party during an election, and it’s a contender in the crowded category of which congressional committee has strayed furthest from its original mandate” – along with the House Un-American Activities Committee, Tiefer said of the Benghazi panel.

Politico noted that the House Benghazi Committee has lasted nearly a year and a half and has cost taxpayers $4.5 million. Democrats see the investigation as a witch hunt aimed at damaging their party’s presumptive 2016 White House contender.

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