In book talk, Professor Emeritus Arnold Rochvarg describes heady days defending Watergate figure

Professor Emeritus Arnold Rochvarg discusses his new e-book,

Professor Emeritus Arnold Rochvarg discusses his new e-book, “The Watergate Conspiracy Conviction and Appeal of Assistant Attorney General Robert Mardian.”

Professor Emeritus Arnold Rochvarg gave an hourlong presentation to fellow faculty members Thursday, Oct. 29 about his most recent book, The Watergate Conspiracy Conviction and Appeal of Assistant Attorney General Robert Mardian.

The e-book is available for purchase at’s Kindle store.

Mardian was the assistant attorney general for internal security during President Richard Nixon’s first term. He was convicted in 1975, along with former Attorney General John Mitchell and White House aides John Ehrlichman and H.R. “Bob” Haldeman, of conspiracy to obstruct justice after the June 1972 break-in and attempted bugging at Democratic national headquarters in Washington’s Watergate complex.

At age 23, Rochvarg became part of the legal defense team for the appeal of Mardian’s conviction. According to a 1995 article in The Baltimore Sun, Rochvarg landed in the middle of one of the most momentous political chapters in American history when, as a first-year law student at George Washington University, he spied a scrap of paper on a bulletin board that said, “Clerk wanted for Watergate appeal.”

On Thursday, Rochvarg recalled that the first legal task he was assigned was a memo on the admissibility of the Nixon White House tapes at trial. He argued that the tapes should not be used in the case against Mardian.

“It was an unusual situation,” Rochvarg said, describing heady days when no expense was spared by Ginsburg, Feldman and Bress, the Washington, D.C., law firm representing Mardian in his appeal.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia overturned Mardian’s conviction in October 1976.

Rochvarg retired last spring after 35 years on the University of Baltimore School of Law faculty. His colleagues celebrated his tenure, and new book, with Champagne and cake after his presentation.

He is the author of a previous book about the Mardian case, Watergate Victory: Mardian’s Appeal.

The law school has launched a fundraising drive in honor of Professor Rochvarg. To support the campaign, please contact Jed Weeks, director of external relations, at 410.837.4358 or Gifts can also be made online at; be sure to select the “in honor of” box and name Professor Rochvarg.

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