Retiring librarian Bob Pool feted for 41 years of service

Crop -- Bob Pool + Cassandra Havard 11-18-15

Law librarian Robert Pool and Professor Cassandra Havard at Pool’s retirement party.

Law librarian and helpful colleague extraordinaire Bob Pool was celebrated by colleagues and friends Wednesday afternoon as he prepares to retire after 41 years at the University of Baltimore.

Pool began work as a librarian in the Langsdale Library in 1974. He moved over to the law library in 1991.

“It’s been a lot of fun being here,” Pool said to the crowd of well-wishers in the Angelos Law Center’s 12th-floor reading room. “There have been some interesting moments over the years.”

Pool reminisced about the UB campus before even the old law school was built, recalling a hamburger joint whose roof leaked like a sieve and other long-forgotten establishments.

Well, maybe not forgotten. Dean Ronald Weich, who arrived at UB in 2012, had clearly heard some tales of yore.

“A strip joint!” he said.

Pool nodded – there had indeed been such an establishment on what is now the UB campus. An old friend of Pool’s supplied the name: The Pink Bucket.

Adeen Postar, the law library’s director, presented Pool with a “card” – a copy of Dr. Seuss’s You’re Only Old Once that had been signed by dozens of Pool’s UB colleagues.

Postar also handed Pool a gift bag. He pulled out the first item and held it up: “A silicone case for an iPad Mini!” he said.

Next up was the iPad Mini itself, a gift from Pool’s many friends at the university.

Said Professor Byron Warnken, J.D. ’77, who noted that he’d beaten Pool to UB by one year: “Bob Pool was always there helping. Everyone says that about Bob.”

Bob, we will miss your encyclopedic knowledge of all things UB and your indefatigable good humor. But mainly we will miss you.






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