In Sun, Weich discusses ‘individualized justice’ in Gray case

Dean Ronald Weich contributed an op-ed to The Baltimore Sun, “What constitutes ‘justice’ for Freddie Gray?”

Weich’s article appears just before the first of six Baltimore police officers is scheduled to be tried in connection with Freddie Gray‘s death in police custody in April. Officer William Porter‘s trial is to begin Monday, Nov. 30.

In the op-ed, which is to appear in the Sunday print newspaper, Weich stresses the importance of individualized justice:

“The value of individualized justice matters greatly to those of us disturbed by Freddie Gray’s death. If the charges against the police officers have merit, Gray himself was denied such justice.

“The state’s accusations — which have not been proven — are based on the general theory that Gray was the victim of a kind of profiling. Prosecutors will argue that the police officers confronted, chased, arrested and physically mistreated Gray not because of misconduct they observed but because of assumptions they made about him and the neighborhood in which he lived.

“If police officers targeted Freddie Gray because of what they assumed about African-American men on the streets of Sandtown-Winchester, that was wrong. And if those same police officers are prosecuted based on what some people think of police officers in general, that would be wrong as well.”

Learn more about Dean Weich.


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