Jermaine Ryan Haughton, J.D. ’15, profiled in Jamaica paper

Jermaine Haughton

Jermaine Ryan Haughton, J.D. ’15, is the subject of a Dec. 7 article in The Gleaner, a newspaper in Jamaica.

Read “Raised in Poverty, Jamaican Rises to Top at Baltimore Law School.”

Haughton, 24, who works at Miles & Stockbridge in the Product Liability and Mass Torts Practice Group, was raised in Clarendon, Jamaica, and came to the United States at 15. After finishing high school in Bowie, he attended the University of Maryland, College Park, graduating with a major in philosophy and a minor in rhetoric.

During his childhood in Jamaica, Haughton was determined to help his family rise out of poverty.

“We were very poor,” Haughton told The Gleaner. “Out of each week, we would have dinner four days maximum. If we had dinner five days, that was a good week.”

Continued Haughton: “The house was on a hill, so when we were walking home from school, if we didn’t see any smoke coming from the kitchen, we know wi nah eat no dinna (dinner) da night deh.”

In May, Haughton was one of three graduates to receive a law faculty award at commencement. The award winners were profiled in the Fall 2015 issue of Baltimore Law, the University of Baltimore School of Law’s annual magazine. (See the article on pages 18-19.)

Congratulations, Jermaine! To mix a couple of metaphors, the world is your oyster and you’re a pearl.


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