Top reviews for Prof. Daniel Hatcher’s ‘The Poverty Industry’

Dan Hatcher, hi-res photo

Raise a toast to Professor Daniel Hatcher, whose new book, The Poverty Industry: The Exploitation of America’s Most Vulnerable Citizens, can now be ordered from NYU Press. The book will be available in May.

Pre-production reviews are glowing. Martin Guggenheim, Fiorello LaGuardia Professor of Clinical Law at New York University, called Hatcher’s work a “tour de force.” Jane M. Spinak, Edward Ross Aranow Clinical Professor of Law at Columbia University, praised Hatcher’s shoe-leather reporting.

“In the tradition of great muckraking, Hatcher has exposed how states and localities have misdirected and misused public funds envisioned to benefit the most vulnerable among us,” Spinak wrote. “[It] should be required reading for lawmakers and public officials, to remind them of their legal and moral responsibilities and to inspire them to stop these disturbing practices and direct these crucial resources to their rightful recipients.”

Read more about the book on the publisher’s website.

Learn more about Professor Hatcher.

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