The news isn’t all bad: Tiefer on India-Pakistan meeting

In the spirit of spreading holiday cheer, Professor Charles Tiefer contributed a column to about the recent visit of India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, to Lahore to meet with Pakistani leader Nawaz Sharif.

In “Modi’s Visit to Pakistan: Let’s Dare to Hope,” Tiefer writes that the Indian-Pakistani meeting “may not rank quite as high as Nixon’s 1972 visit to China in terms of the extent of global reordering.” But, he says, it offers a “cautiously positive view” of the situation between the two nations, which have fought four major wars since Independence and have “scores of nuclear weapons always pointed at each other.”

“This is to show that it is not hopeless for Modi and Sharif,” Tiefer writes. “Their meeting in Lahore is so welcome, let all those who want something better for India and Pakistan than costly and frightening arms races and threats of nuclear war take this welcome opportunity to think about the possibilities. However difficult and remote.”

Learn more about Professor Tiefer.

To see the archive of Tiefer’s Forbes columns, click here.

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