Professor Tiefer on ’10 Most Blatantly Wasteful Defense Items’

Professor Charles Tiefer, a regular contributor to, published a Jan. 1 column — “The 10 Most Blatantly Wasteful Defense Items in the Recent $1.8 Trillion Spending Bill” — that to date has received more than 29,000 views.

The article begins with a preamble: “Senator John McCain knows only too well about defense waste –- as a decorated Navy pilot and now Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. During passage of the recent $1.8 billion overall spending bill, with $572 billion for defense, McCain rose on the Senate floor ‘to call attention to the triumph of pork barrel parochialism in this year’s Omnibus Appropriation bill.’ He cast a lonely but striking ‘no’ vote on the bill. As he described the passage process: ‘here we stand with a 2000-page omnibus appropriations bill, crafted in secret with no debate, which most of us are seeing for the first time this morning.’ It was clear that neither he, nor Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, could control the bill.”

Read the article to learn what was “sneaked through.”

Learn more about Professor Tiefer.

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