For the second year, law school climbs in U.S. News ranking

The University of Baltimore School of Law rose in the annual U.S. News ranking of law schools for the second year in a row, landing at No. 111 after climbing almost 25 spots in two years.

UB’s clinical law program was ranked No. 21 nationally, while its part-time program was No. 36.

Dean Ronald Weich attributed the school’s improved ranking in part to its decision to hold admissions standards steady despite a decrease in applicants in recent years.

“It’s very important to enroll the students who have the tools to succeed in this market, and that’s what we’ve done,” Weich told The Daily Record. (You will need a subscription to read the full article.)

While saying he was pleased with the year-to-year jump, Weich emphasized the importance of the longer-term numbers: “[T]he two-year trend is even more significant, because it shows substantial improvement over time.”

Weich continued: “I don’t want to put too much weight on these numerical rankings, and the fine distinctions from one rank to the next may not be very meaningful, but this kind of substantial change over two years reflects the strength of our program.”

The UB School of Law’s No. 111 ranking, which it shared with 11 other law schools, was up from No. 123 last year and No. 135 in 2014.

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2 Responses to For the second year, law school climbs in U.S. News ranking

  1. Jean Hauck says:

    It’s gotten better since you’re there.


    • ckellerblog says:

      If you’re talking about me, thanks very much! If you meant someone else at the law school, please tell me whom & I’ll relay the compliment. — Hope Keller (I write/edit the blog)


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