Tiefer redux: Panel appointed by Congress would privatize VA

Writing in Forbes, Professor Charles Tiefer discusses a committee’s plan to gradually shutter U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities and funnel veterans’ health care funds to private-sector providers, primarily those that operate for profit.

“A panel picked largely by Congressional Republicans floated a proposal last week to eliminate all VA medical centers and outpatient clinics, and dump 9 million unprepared veterans on private sector care,” Tiefer wrote in “A Perilous Proposal to Privatize Veterans’ Care and End the VA.”

Tiefer said the congressionally created commission seemed to be a “way to capitalize” on problems within the VA and to “promote an extreme privatization agenda.”

He cited a recent Washington Monthly article that described the powerful Koch brothers as the driving force behind the push to privatize the VA, through a group called Concerned Veterans for America.

However, Tiefer said, eight veterans’ organizations – including Disabled American Veterans, the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Vietnam Veterans of America, and Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America – sent a letter denouncing the plan to the committee’s chairwoman, Nancy Schlichting, CEO of Henry Ford Health System in Detroit.

Learn more about Professor Tiefer.

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