Prof. Dionne Koller on women soccer players’ complaint on pay


Professor Dionne Koller, the director of UB’s Center for Sport and the Law, published an article today about the complaint filed recently with the EEOC by five members of the women’s national soccer team alleging the sport’s governing body in the United States violated the Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act by paying them less than male soccer players.

And, as if being paid less wasn’t galling enough, the women also point out that they are far more successful than their male counterparts, Koller writes.

Says Koller: “Whether the women legally prevail, simply raising the issue could have a powerful impact on changing the culture that has allowed this pay discrepancy to fester. The case shows just how far we’ve come since 1972, when Title IX began the long battle to even the playing field for men and women in sports.”

The article, “Women’s soccer shows how far we’ve come since Title IX — and what battles remain,” was published in The Conversation, a news website that provides articles and opinion pieces from members of the academic and research communities directly to the public.

Learn more about Professor Koller.

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