Conference participants urge autonomy for Copyright Office

Panelists at the annual conference of the University of Baltimore School of Law’s Center for the Law of Intellectual Property and Technology, held Friday, April 15 at the John and Frances Angelos Law Center, agreed that the U.S. Copyright Office must be granted autonomy if it is to work effectively, The Daily Record reported Monday (April 18).

You will need a subscription to read the full story, “At UB Law, experts urge reform of U.S. Copyright Office.”

“So many major players agreed that the Copyright Office needs more resources and more control over the resources at its disposal that I expect to see something change there now,” said Professor William Hubbard, the center’s director.

Hubbard said that autonomy was necessary if the Copyright Office was to become “more robust and more nimble.”

Several panelists urged the removal of the office from the Library of Congress and the appointment of an independent register of copyrights, a post that would be on equal footing with the librarian of Congress.

Conference speakers included Robert Kasunic, J.D. ’92, associate register of copyrights at the U.S. Copyright Office, as well as Katherine Oyama, senior copyright policy counsel at Google; Troy Dow, vice president and counsel at the Walt Disney Co.; Philippa (Pippa) Scarlett, the deputy intellectual property enforcement coordinator in the Executive Office of the President; and the Hon. Marvin Garbis of the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland.

See the CLIPT 2016 conference program.

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