Jaros is sought-after commentator on Freddie Gray cases

Professor David Jaros was quoted in national and international news outlets this week about the verdict in the trial of Officer Edward Nero, who helped arrest Freddie Gray last April.

Nero was acquitted of all charges on Monday, May 23 by Circuit Judge Barry Williams. Nero requested a bench trial.

Jaros spoke with The New York Times for a May 24 story about Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. The article, “2 Trials and No Convictions Put Top Baltimore Prosecutor in a Bind,” noted that in pursuing cases against six police officers involved in Gray’s arrest and ultimate death, Mosby has risked her relationship with the police department.

Jaros said there was a “significant moment” in the Nero trial when the prosecutor, Jan Bledsoe, spoke of city officers’ “jacking up citizens” — a provocative comment for a representative of the State’s Attorney’s Office to make, the newspaper noted.

Said Jaros: “So we have to ask what does this mean for [Mosby’s] relationship with the police?”

In addition, Jaros was interviewed Monday, May 23 on KPCC-FM, Southern California Public Radio, for a segment titled “Freddie Gray Ruling: Analyzing Edward Nero’s acquittal.

Jaros also was interviewed Tuesday, May 24 by the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Learn more about Professor Jaros.

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