Gilman on the feminization of Baltimore’s workforce — in Dutch

Venable Professor of Law Michele Gilman. Photo by Brian Schneider.

Venable Professor of Law Michele Gilman. Photo by Brian Schneider for

Venable Professor of Law Michele Gilman is quoted at length in a story published Sept. 29, 2016, on the website in The Netherlands. Titled “Baltimore, stad der vrouwen” (“Baltimore, city of ladies”), the article discusses the predominance of women in Baltimore’s workforce — starting with Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby and Catherine Pugh, the Democratic candidate for mayor.

The working population of Baltimore today is 53.2 percent female, the article says.

Gilman, the co-director of UB’s Center on Applied Feminism and the director of clinical legal education, noted that traditional jobs for men have disappeared along with Baltimore’s steel mills and shipyards. Jobs in the city today are largely in the services sector and in health care — positions occupied primarily by women.

Women still earn less than men, however. In Maryland, Gilman calculated, the average annual income for a man is $59,000, while women earn an average of $50,500. Moreover, she said, women are less likely to get promoted — and, of course, affordable child care is nearly nonexistent in the United States.

Learn more about Professor Gilman.

(If you don’t happen to read Dutch, use your browser’s translation feature — and brace yourself for some very idiosyncratic English!)

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