Gilman: A Trump court would keep decimating workers’ rights

Venable Professor of Law Michele Gilman

Venable Professor of Law Michele Gilman

In an Oct. 31 article in The Conversation, Venable Professor of Law Michele Gilman focuses on what would happen if Donald Trump won the presidency and was able to nominate a candidate to fill Antonin Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court – not to mention candidates to fill any subsequent vacancies.

Trump has vowed to appoint justices in the mold of Scalia – justices who would be hostile to Roe v. Wade and who would bolster gun rights.

But, Gilman points out, a court with a conservative majority would also continue a nearly 50-year trend of limiting workers’ rights to unionize, to form class-action suits and to fight workplace discrimination.

The results of these actions, she writes, have been profound and help explain the deterioration of the working class’s standard of living and the rise in income inequality.

“Conservative appointments by a President Trump would likely continue the decimation of workplace justice, particularly collective efforts to improve working conditions and pay,” Gilman writes in “Why the Supreme Court matters for workers.”

The Conversation is a news website that provides articles and commentary from members of the academic and research communities.

Read the article here.

Learn more about Professor Gilman.

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