UB bar-passage rates show a year-over-year improvement

Of the 221 UB law graduates who took the July bar exam for the first time, 153 (69 percent) passed. The rate was 5 percentage points higher than last July’s 64 percent pass rate for first-time UB test-takers, but it was lower than the 71 percent pass rate for all first-time takers of the Maryland bar exam.

UB’s overall — all takers’ — pass rate of 62 percent was an improvement over last July’s 60 percent pass rate, but it remained just under the overall statewide pass rate of 63 percent.

The figures are from the State Board of Law Examiners.

Bar passage rates across the country have dropped in recent years. A more demanding Multistate Bar Exam – which accounts for one-third of the test score in Maryland – is widely considered to be a significant factor in the nationwide decline.

“We had some improvement, in both first-time takers and in our overall rates, but we know that we have a lot of work to do,” Dean Ronald Weich told The Daily Record. “We want to get back to the point that our pass rate is above the state average instead of just below it.”

Weich told the newspaper that the law school was committed to helping graduates pass the bar.

“We’re focused on helping students develop study habits that will serve them well under the intense pressure of the bar exam,” he said. “It’s a high-stakes exam, and we want to make sure the students are preparing themselves and giving this their undivided attention.”

Click here to read The Daily Record story (you will need a subscription).

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