$99K grant for Charles Hamilton Houston Scholars Program

The University of Baltimore School of Law’s Charles Hamilton Houston Scholars Program has received a $99,000 grant from the Washington, D.C.-based Access Group’s Center for Research & Policy Analysis, the group announced Monday.

The program helps underrepresented college freshmen and sophomores develop the academic skills needed to improve undergraduate performance and enhance opportunity for admission to, and success in, law school. The grant will support program enhancement, long-term mentoring and support for students during the law school application process, Access Group said in a statement.

The award was one of several in Access Group’s Legal Education Diversity Pipeline grant program. Access Group on Monday announced the award of $1.28 million in grants to law schools to promote access, diversity and research in legal education.

“Access Group is very pleased to award grants to organizations that advance opportunities for historically underrepresented students to attend, and succeed in, law school,” Christopher P. Chapman, president and chief executive officer of Access Group, said in the statement. “Expanding access to legal education and generating strategic research on the critical issues facing legal education are core priorities of the center.”

To date, the center has awarded nearly $4 million in grants in support of access, affordability and value in legal education, Chapman said.

Learn more about the Charles Hamilton Houston Scholars Program.

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