The envelope please … 1L ‘Be Brief’ winners are announced

Director of Academic Support Claudia Diamond writes that the results of the annual “Be Brief” competition are in! The challenge for 1L students was to describe their first semester at UB in just six words.

2L Greg Waterworth and a group of upper-level students anonymously reviewed this year’s entries and selected the following winners:

Honorable Mention: “Recurrent cold calls haunt my daydreams.” – Adrianne Blake
3rd place: “What’s actually going on right now?” – Lauren Fleming
2nd place: “Which floor has a men’s bathroom?!” – Christopher Thibeault
1st place: “I am not a reasonable person.” – Ishar Singh

Dean Ronald Weich will take the winners to lunch this spring to reward their wit and brevity.

Congratulations to Ishar, Christopher, Lauren and Adrianne!

Here are previous years’ winners and their entries:

3rd place: “How does one The Blue Book?” – Greg Waterworth
2nd place: “Attending catering events because I’m poor.” – Katrina Smith
1st place: “Been to war, that was easier.” – Justin Dandois

3rd place: “Tort down for what, Gregory Dolin.” – Frank Falatko
2nd place: “No one warned me about Warnken.” – Thomas Barnes
1st place: “Keep friends close, Black’s Law closer.” – Tommy Donahue

3rd place: “Never mind, I’ll take the stairs.” – Stella Park
2nd place: “The glass elevator skipped me! Again!” – Esther Grenness
1st place: “One-L, can’t wait to be Done-L” – Emily Greene

Honorable mention: “Discovered new hours in the day.” – Chris Walker
3rd place: “‘The Paper Chase’ is a documentary.” – Allan Johnson
2nd place: “I’d like some more coffee please.” – Jon Dunn
1st place: “How many days till winter break?” – Nida Kanwal

3rd place: “Do six words need a citation?” – Zvi Friedman
2nd place: “My drinking group has studying problems.” – Dave Trojanowski
1st place: “Buh bye Facebook and hello Bluebook.” – Gina Dyson

Honorable mention: “Plato survived Socrates; so will I.” – Ellen Cobb
3rd place: “This ‘reasonable person’ needs a beer.” – Samantha Healy
2nd place: “Baltimore looks fun from library windows.” – Emily Kolas
1st place: “What do you mean ‘it depends’?” – Eurie Choi

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