Annapolis lawyer Kim DiGiovanni Aluisi, J.D. ’85, dies at 56

Kim DiGiovanni Aluisi, J.D. ’85, a divorce lawyer in Annapolis, died Dec. 5 after suffering from pancreatic cancer, The Baltimore Sun reported Sunday. She was 56.

DiGiovanni Aluisi was known to urge potential clients to try to resolve their marital problems before filing for divorce, The Sun said.

“It was turning away business, but she was more interested in seeing people happy,” her husband, Jimmy Aluisi, told the newspaper.

The couple met during law school at UB.

DiGiovanni Aluisi opened her own law firm in 1999. Last year she asked Annapolis lawyer Allen Kruger to merge his practice with hers. As a tribute to his former law partner, Kruger will keep the firm’s full name, Kruger DiGiovanni Aluisi, The Sun reported.

Early in her career, DiGiovanni Aluisi worked for 15 years at the law firm of Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., who recalled that he had to practically force her to leave the office during a snowstorm when she was nine months pregnant: “We had to drive her home. The beltway’s got like 2 inches of snow. She delivered [her son] the next week.”

DiGiovanni was active in Maryland Democratic politics but had friends on both sides of the aisle. She was close with former Gov. Robert Ehrlich Jr. and his wife, Kendel Ehrlich, J.D. ‘87. Of DiGiovanni Aluisi, the former governor said: “She had irrepressible will. When she called you and asked you to do something, you knew you were going to say yes. There was no sense in arguing.”

Read the obituary in The Baltimore Sun.

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