Article highlights Lisa Sparks’ ‘Rosie the Lawyer’ program

Practitioner in residence Lisa Sparks, B.A. '05, J.D. '07

Practitioner in residence Lisa Sparks, B.A. ’05, J.D. ’07

Practitioner in residence Lisa Sparks, B.A. ‘05, J.D. ‘07, is the subject of a feature article in 2017 Maryland Super Lawyers’ January issue. The article focuses on the pro-bono “Rosie the Lawyer” program that Sparks leads at Wright, Constable & Skeen, where she is a construction lawyer.

The program borrows its name from the government’s World War II-era “Rosie the Riveter” campaign to draw women into the work world.

A first-generation high school and college graduate who grew up in Baltimore, Sparks showed leadership potential even in grade school.

“I was voted most likely to be the first woman president in my fourth-grade class,” Sparks told Super Lawyers. “I never really got the politics bug, but [I] talked about being a lawyer off and on since elementary school.”

The Rosie the Lawyer program helps high school girls in challenging circumstances learn about not just the law but the professional world in general. In addition to teaching the young women about the responsibilities of lawyers and judges, Sparks also focuses on etiquette.

“We’ll ask them to go around and shake hands and introduce themselves and make eye contact,” she told Super Lawyers. “If you’re in the business world, you need a proper firm handshake — whether you’re a man or a woman. But that’s just not something that they’re going to [learn] elsewhere.”

Read the article here.

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