UB-Paladin partner to match law students with pro bono work

The University of Baltimore School of Law has announced a partnership with Paladin, a New York-based company that uses an online platform to match lawyers – and law students – with legal services organizations and pro bono opportunities.

The partnership was highlighted in a Feb. 14 article in The Daily Record, “UB Law partners with pro bono platform.” (You will need a subscription to read the full story.)

UB is Paladin’s first law school partner.

“The University of Baltimore is an ideal partner for Paladin because of its emphasis on public interest and responsibility to the community,” Paladin co-founder and COO Kristen Sonday said in a joint news release. “The law school’s commitment to pro bono representation could not come at a better time, as the national need for pro bono attorneys is surging, which gives law students an excellent opportunity to develop their skills while helping others.”

Paladin, launched in 2016, uses an online platform to connect lawyers and law students to bridge the access-to-justice gap through pro bono work. By connecting law students with Baltimore residents in need of legal counsel, Sonday said, “we can strengthen the community and instill in students the legal skills and values that will serve them well in their careers.”

Emily Rogers, associate director of UB’s Law Career Development Office (LCDO), emphasized that UB law students are deeply committed to their community and are active in pro bono work throughout Maryland.

“We are excited to partner with Paladin to make pro bono opportunities more accessible to our students,” Rogers said in the release, adding that Paladin’s services also allow the LCDO to keep an accurate record of the hours students spend on pro bono work.

To best match up attorneys and clients, Paladin will survey UB law students to determine their background, interests and availability to work with legal aid organizations on particular cases. Paladin’s platform allows law students, their supervisors and legal aid organizations to track case progress, capture outcomes and track students’ impact.

In its first year of operation, Paladin has connected attorneys with LGBT refugees, domestic violence survivors and low-income entrepreneurs, among others. Paladin is based in New York and has a presence in Baltimore, Chicago and San Francisco. It plans to expand this year to the rest of the country.

Learn more about UB’s Law Career Development Office.

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