Monday: Court of Special Appeals of Md. to sit at law center

csa-2017You’re invited to attend the sitting of the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland at UB’s John and Frances Angelos Law Center (1401 N. Charles St., Baltimore 21201) on Monday, March 6, 2017. The court will sit from 9:30 a.m. to noon in the Moot Courtroom (0 level).

Five cases are on the docket (they will not necessarily be argued in this order):

  • Deciutiis v. Six Flags America LP: questions concerning a motion to dismiss a negligence case based on res ipsa loquitur  (plaintiffs were injured on a water park ride) and trial court’s additional rulings that plaintiffs assumed the risk and that one plaintiff’s claim was barred by the statute of limitations.
  • Sulion, LLC, v. Phipps: questions concerning a trial court’s determination to vacate a “judgment foreclosing rights of redemption” when it was alleged that prior notice of the judgment was given to Appellees and Appellant’s motion for reconsideration was denied. 
  • Nirala v. Ambedkar Int’l Ctr., Inc.: questions concerning whether certain individuals were properly named to the Center’s Board of Directors and one individual was properly removed from the Center’s Board pursuant to its bylaws.
  • Barrera v. State: questions concerning whether jury verdicts in two separate charges—robbery and conspiracy—were legally inconsistent; whether the trial judge erred in finding that there was sufficient evidence for the jury to consider the conspiracy charge, and whether the judge’s ruling limiting defense counsel’s argument on cross-racial identification was reversible error.
  • Educational Funding Co., Inc. v. Cokinos: questions arising from an Orphans Court Order requiring disclosure of documents by a third party to determine value of decedent’s Estate and whether the Order is a final appealable Order.

This will be a live session of the Court of Special Appeals. Appropriate attire is required. No audio or video recording is permitted. Cell phones or other similar devices must be powered off during the court session. Please refrain from speaking while the court is in session; even whispered conversation can distract the court or counsel.

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