Yo, Adam! Weich in training for March 28 ‘judicial throwdown’

Professor Byron Warnken works to get Dean Weich in shape for the March 28

Professor Byron Warnken pummels Dean Ronald Weich as part of a grueling training regimen designed to get Weich in shape for a March 28 “judicial throwdown” with student Adam Shareef. The event is sponsored by UB’s chapter of the American Constitution Society. Watch the training video here.

As famous non-lawyer Leonardo Da Vinci is said to have said, “Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master.”

With the artist’s sentiment in mind, the law school’s chapter of the American Constitution Society has challenged Dean Ronald Weich to a “judicial throwdown” – an oral argument with student Adam Shareef, president of the Moot Court board.

“As law students at the University of Baltimore School of Law, we are offered a practical approach to learning – an approach that affords us the ability to enter the legal practice exceptionally well prepared,” the student group wrote in its challenge to Weich. “As many of us near the end of our law school journey, one question comes to mind: Has the pupil gained enough knowledge to truly say he has surpassed the master?”

Da Vinci isn’t the only inspirational Italian in this story: In response to a challenge video from Shareef, Weich appeared in a video of his own that provides a peek into the dean’s preparations for the forthcoming showdown.

Ain’t gonna be no rematch.

Check out the two videos (thanks to 1L Usman Suleman) and make sure your volume is turned up! And mark your calendars for the “Clash of the Titans” on March 28. Here are the details:

5:30 p.m.
Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Moot Courtroom
John and Frances Angelos Law Center
1401 N. Charles St., Baltimore 21201

Shareef will be joined by Rima Kikani, J.D. ’14, an associate at Murphy, Falcon & Murphy. Weich will be joined by DLA Piper Professor of Law Michael Meyerson.

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