Schochor, Federico and Staton donate $25K for scholarships

The law firm of Schochor, Federico and Staton has donated $25,000 to the University of Baltimore School of Law for scholarships given to high-achieving students.

The Baltimore-based medical malpractice firm, which serves clients throughout Maryland and in Washington, D.C., employs several UB law grads, including founding partner Philip Federico, J.D. ‘83.

Said Federico: “It’s truly an honor to partner with such a fine academic institution. We hope this donation will enable exceptional, committed students to have access to the high-quality education the University of Baltimore School of Law provides.”

Other UB law alumni at the firm include partner Jim Cardea, J.D. ‘95, partner Jonathan Goldberg, J.D. ‘91, attorney medical investigator Tara Clary, J.D. ‘95, and attorney medical investigator Nicole Szeliga, J.D. ‘12.

UB School of Law Dean Ronald Weich said of Shochor, Federico and Staton: “The firm boasts several outstanding University of Baltimore law graduates. Their success reflects well on our school, and the firm’s support for the next generation of UB law students is commendable and very much appreciated.”

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