U.S. News: High marks for clinical law, part-time J.D. programs

Baltimore Law (Fall 2016) cover

Click on the image to read about UB’s clinical law program in the Fall 2016 issue of Baltimore Law magazine.

Good news on a slushy morning: UB’s clinical law and part-time J.D. programs did exceptionally well in the annual U.S. News law school rankings, which were made public today.

In a note to the faculty, Dean Ronald Weich wrote:

“U.S. News & World Report has released its annual ranking of law schools and specialty programs within law schools. I’m very proud that the clinical program at the University of Baltimore School of Law’s is now ranked as the 12th-best clinical program in the country. This represents a big jump from our ranking last year (#21) and is the best ranking ever attained by the UB law clinics. I congratulate the many members of our faculty and staff who have contributed to this success.     

“In other news from U.S. News… Our part-time (evening) J.D. program is now ranked #29, an improvement from last year’s ranking of #36. Meanwhile, our overall law school ranking held steady; last year we were tied for #111 and this year we are tied for #112 out of more than 200 law schools in the United States. Effectively, we held onto the significant gains we have made since 2014, when we were ranked #135. One key to further progress in the rankings is strengthening our bar-pass rate, a goal to which we are devoting significant attention and resources.

“I have always said we should not put too much stock in rankings, which are heavily influenced by the subjective factor of ‘reputation.’ But UB’s reputation for outstanding clinical education is in fact well deserved and our #12 ranking is extremely gratifying.”

Click here or on the image above to read about UB’s clinical law program in the Fall 2016 issue of Baltimore Law magazine.

Click here to read a story in The Daily Record about U.S. News scores for the UB and Maryland law schools. (You will need a subscription to read the full article.)

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