Sen. Pat Leahy quotes Epps in rejection of Gorsuch nomination

Professor Garrett Epps

Professor Garrett Epps

In explaining why he decided to vote against the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, Sen. Patrick Leahy on Monday quoted Professor Garrett Epps:

“Gorsuch was by turns condescending, evasive, and even dishonest. In fact, it’s not too much to say that he, in his aw-shucks gentlemanly way, gaslighted the committee in a genteel but nonetheless Trumpian style.”

Epps’s words appeared in his March 29 Atlantic column, “The Fundamental Dishonesty of the Gorsuch Hearings.” Epps is the Supreme Court correspondent for the magazine.

Leahy, of Vermont, was among four Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee to announce Monday that they would vote against Gorsuch, giving the Democrats the necessary 41 votes to filibuster the nomination.

In his column, Epps said Gorsuch effectively repeated, over and over, that there was no elephant in the room.

Horsefeathers, Epps said (effectively).

“That elephant, of course, is lawless politics of the rawest kind,” Epps wrote. “It’s fair to say that no Supreme Court seat since Franklin Roosevelt’s nomination of Hugo Black has arrived smelling so strongly of party politics as has Gorsuch’s.”

Learn more about Professor Epps and access the archives of his Atlantic columns.

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