UB brawn: 80 law students take part in UVA softball invitational

UB softball team 4-2017

Professor Donald Stone (in red shorts) and UB law students at the UVA softball tournament.

This past weekend, 80 UB School of Law students and law Professor Donald Stone participated in the 34th Annual UVA Law Softball Tournament in Charlottesville, Va. Eighty-four law school teams participated.

UB fielded three teams: blue, green and gray.

Check out the profiles of all the teams taking part in the invitational.

Be sure to read UB’s three team profiles. A certain theme emerges. (Hint: It’s good to guzzle on a hot day.)

UB’s top team went 3-0 on Saturday, beating Penn (43-0) and Fordham (32-3) and gaining a forfeit win from Northwestern.

On Sunday, in the single elimination phase, UB beat Duke (16-7) and Cumberland (16-15, with the help of a grand slam in UB’s last at bat) before facing Florida Coastal in the final four game.

Of that matchup, Stone said, “We ran out of steam.”

He said that Florida Coastal fielded a squad “more like a Major League Baseball team” than a bunch of law students — but that a great time was had by all.

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