On NPR, Tiefer says congressional panels ‘do it for the public’

Professor Charles Tiefer was interviewed by NPR in late July about congressional investigations into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia and the inquiries’ utility when special counsel Robert Mueller is looking into the same matters.

Listen to “Behind the Scenes In a Congressional Investigation” (July 29) or read the transcript here.

Reporter Don Gonyea said he was interested in talking with Tiefer because of Tiefer’s experience as the special deputy counsel of the House Iran-Contra committee 30 years ago.

Tiefer said the multiple congressional investigations into the Russia matter differ from Mueller’s inquiry.

“Mueller works in secret and long, long deep studies of things like finances,” Tiefer said. “And he doesn’t bring his results public. If he finds something that’s really important, he won’t let you know until it’s time to indict somebody.”

Tiefer added that it is public interest that drives congressional investigations: “The willingness of senators and representatives to devote their time and energy both to the background work, the negotiations, the documents study and to the public work of hearings — they do it because they know the public is interested. … [T]his is not a game of Solitaire. … [T]he special committees do it for the public.”

Learn more about Professor Tiefer.

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