Video: Pretrial Justice Clinic directors, student on what’s next

Pretrial Justice Clinic directors Zina Makar and Professor Colin Starger and PTJC student-attorney Meghan Ellis were interviewed about the clinic’s work by Cherise Fanno Burdeen, CEO of the Maryland-based Pretrial Justice Institute.

Click here to watch the video. (The discussion runs a half hour, but these are interesting people — time flies!)

The Aug. 17, 2017, interview was conducted remotely by Burdeen.

Starger began by discussing the PTJC’s method of choosing clients and keeping tabs on case resolutions.

Of primary importance, he said, is tracking the days people spend unnecessarily in jail; in so doing, the clinic can demonstrate that such detentions are “indeed a problem.”

Makar stressed the importance of putting pretrial detention into the larger context of mass incarceration, emphasizing the practice’s “lasting implications” on trial outcomes.

Wrapping up, Starger said he looked forward to getting to know a new group of clinicians this semester: “We as teachers are continually inspired by our students.”

Learn more about Makar and Starger and the Pretrial Justice Clinic.

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