51 students inducted into R.G. Shannonhouse III Honor Society

Philip Nichols I

Judge C. Philip Nichols Jr., J.D. ’73

Fifty-one students were inducted last night into the Royal Graham Shannonhouse III Honor Society, which recognizes University of Baltimore School of Law students who have distinguished themselves academically after completing 32 credits.

The minimum GPA requirement for induction is 3.15. Students who have achieved a grade point average of 3.7 and higher are inducted as Distinguished Scholars. Twelve of the 51 inductees are Distinguished Scholars.

The honor society is named after a longtime – and revered – UB law professor known as “The House.” In his July 2010 obituary in The Baltimore Sun, Shannonhouse was remembered as a “beloved taskmaster” who had a “profound influence on his fledgling law students.”

The evening’s speaker, Judge C. Philip Nichols Jr., J.D. `73, who retired in June as chief judge of the Prince George’s County Circuit Court, recalled that students were often frightened by Shannonhouse.

“He scared many,” said Nichols, who studied under Shannonhouse. “We were afraid to feel foolish under his cross-examination.”

But, Nichols said, Shannonhouse inspired his students: “He made many of us what we are today.”

Wrapping up, Nichols addressed the honor society inductees directly: “Go out there and make Professor Shannonhouse proud!”

Here are the 51 law students inducted into the Royal Graham Shannonhouse III Honor Society on Sept. 26, 2017 (Distinguished Scholars are indicated by an asterisk after their name):

Shannon House Program 2017_Page_1Matthew Allison*
Elizabeth Barry
Andrew Berg
Eroncia Berry
James Beslity
Herman Brown*
Alanna Casey*
Adam Chandlee*
Joseph Chandlee*
Daniel Cornell
Dominic DiMattia
Martha Effinger
Lauren Fleming
Jonathan Gross
Hayley Hassan
Alexis Holiday
Genevieve Hornik
La’Tika Howard
Angela Kershner*
Karilyn Lee
Reba Letsa
Clarissa Lindsey
Hayley Lucas
Jennifer Mahan
Jennifer Marcos
Robert McCall
Batsheva Milikowsky
Molly Miller
Lauren Mullin
Anthony Navalaney
Meghan Noone
William Parry
Zachary Phillips
Konrad Ptaszynski
Caitlin Rayhart*
Joseph Samuels
Emily Schmidt*
Emily Schreiber*
Sarah Simmons*
Alexis Sisolak
Connor Smith*
Meegan Jayne Smith
Marissa Swecker
Amy Valdivia
Frank Voso
Jacob Waechter*
Laura Wheeles
Carley Wilbourne
Amber Williams
Kurt Wonilowicz
Ryan Zabel

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