Tax professionals: Get up to speed on the new tax law at UB

CROPPED Grad Tax postcardAttention tax professionals: With major tax legislation just enacted, it’s time to get up to speed on the new law’s practical implications.

The University of Baltimore’s Graduate Tax Program, with its skilled, experienced faculty and comprehensive curriculum, is the answer for lawyers and accountants seeking to stay abreast of change — and at the top of their profession.

Offering the LL.M. in Taxation for attorneys and the M.S. in Taxation for accountants, UB’s Graduate Tax Program will:

  • Give you a comprehensive understanding of federal tax law
  • Hone your ability to analyze tax statutes and regulations
  • Sharpen your research and writing skills.

Maximum flexibility for busy professionals:
Attend class in person, take part online in real time while interacting with your professors and classmates, or review archived recordings of classes. It’s up to you.

Tuition is a flat rate of $979 per credit for in- and out-of-state students. (Fees additional.)

Learn more:
Contact the University of Baltimore Office of Law Admissions at or 410.837.4459 or visit

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