Coding for lawyers: Starger helps advance computer literacy

Colin Starger w lights

Professor Colin Starger

Several local tech-savvy attorneys, including UB School of Law Professor Colin Starger, are working to educate their legal compatriots in the basics of coding, the better to show how computer literacy can enhance the practice of law.

Starger, a former computer programmer and the co-founder of Legal Hackers Baltimore, co-directs UB’s Pretrial Justice Clinic. He teaches his students to do web coding to analyze bail trends.

The Daily Record reported on a meeting last week organized by Legal Hackers, the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (MVLS) and Matthew Stubenberg, chairman of the technology committee of the Young Lawyers Section of the Maryland State Bar Association.

Read “Coding workshop gives Md. lawyers new tools” (Jan. 28, 2018).

Said the article: “On top of the algorithmic thinking used in law and coding, Starger believes having deeper computer literacy is important for lawyers to better understand the limits of the technology they use in their practice in when working on cases.”

The event included a lesson in Python, a computing language that is a good place for novices to start, said Stubenberg, who is the IT director and a staff attorney at MVLS.

Stubenberg said lawyers in fact make good coders: “Breaking a statute into its component parts is the same thing you do in coding.”

The Daily Record reported that Legal Hackers plans a discussion next month about how the Internet affects access to justice.

Learn more about Professor Starger.

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