14 evening students inducted into law school’s honor society

PHOTO -- Shannon House Program 1-30-2018_Page_1Fourteen evening students were inducted last week into the Royal Graham Shannonhouse III Honor Society, which recognizes University of Baltimore School of Law students who have distinguished themselves academically after completing 32 credits.

Day students are inducted into the honor society in the fall. Fifty-one students were inducted in September 2017.

The minimum grade point average for induction is 3.15. Students who have achieved a GPA of 3.7 or higher are inducted as Distinguished Scholars.

The honor society is named after a longtime, and revered, UB law professor. In a July 2010 obituary in The Baltimore Sun, Shannonhouse was recalled as a “beloved taskmaster” who had a “profound influence on his fledgling law students.”

Alumnus Wilbur “Bill” Bolton, J.D. ‘73, a bankruptcy attorney in Harford County, was the guest speaker at the Jan. 30, 2018, evening induction ceremony.

Here are the most recent Shannonhouse inductees; an asterisk denotes a Distinguished Scholar:

Kimberly Andrews
Adrianne Blake
Bradley Clark
Erin Donohue
Valerie Glynn
Michael Hagan
Davida Harmon*
Andrew Harvey
Jeremy Hesselbein
Elizabeth McKelvy*
Rebekah Nickerson*
Joshua Perry*
Jeffrey Phipps*
Christopher Thibeault

Congratulations to you all!

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