Prof. Tiefer on Defense Department’s Sole-Source Contract with Amazon: ‘Trump May Boost Their Rivals’

Professor Charles Tiefer

Interviewed by The Washington Examiner, University of Baltimore School of Law Professor Charles Tiefer says that the Pentagon’s multi-billion dollar, 10-year sole-source contract for cloud computing with Amazon may be subject to political actions at the highest level of government—especially since President Trump has been publicly critical of the company.

But public officials have limits to their reach into the procurement process, and Tiefer says a wrong move by Trump could have major repercussions.

“If it was so blatant that the contracting officer that made the award said on the record he did so under orders from Trump, then the Court of Federal Claims would consider reversing the award for bias,” Tiefer says in the article.

Tiefer’s expertise is in government contracting; he noted that the Court of Federal Claims “could put the awarding officer on the stand and ask him whether he made the award decision himself or felt ordered by Trump.”

Read the article.

Learn more about Prof. Tiefer.

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