Mike McDonough, J.D. ’82, Caps Off a 30+ Year Career as a Deputy State Prosecutor

The University of Baltimore School of Law’s own Thomas “Mike” McDonough, J.D. ’82, recently retired from the Office of the Maryland State Prosecutor after serving more than 30 years as a deputy state prosecutor―including experiences in some of the most high-profile cases in recent Maryland history.

McDonough, known for a “methodical, assembly-line approach to building a case,” as The Baltimore Sun described it in an April 20 article about his retirement, played a role in several impactful prosecutions, including those of former Baltimore County school Superintendent Dallas Dance, former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, former Baltimore Comptroller Jacqueline F. McLean, former Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold, and former Pentagon public affairs staff member Linda Tripp, who was prosecuted under Maryland’s wiretap law during the scandal involving Clinton White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

McDonough, who attended UB at night, was hired as a law clerk in the Baltimore County state’s attorney office. Once he graduated from law school, he became an assistant state’s attorney in the same office. He joined the state prosecutor’s office two years later.

“McDonough said his motivation came from enforcing the law when power, as the adage goes, led officials to think they could get away with unlawful behavior,” the Sun wrote.

“‘It’s the power that gets them,’ he said.”

Maryland State Prosecutor Emmet C. Davitt said McDonough “has been an invaluable colleague who has always had the best interests of the office at heart.”

“Mike has been the consummate public servant,” Davitt said in an announcement about McDonough’s retirement. “He worked tirelessly, never sought personal recognition and always remembered that he was here to serve the citizens of Maryland.”



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