UB Ranks #3 Nationally in Publication’s Overview of State Clerkships

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A new Above the Law overview of law schools’ effectiveness at placing students in state clerkships finds the University of Baltimore ranked third nationally, behind only Seton Hall and Rutgers in placing the highest number of the most recent graduating class in state and local clerkships.

“If you’re a law student who’s interested in a clerkship, but you’ve missed the boat on landing a coveted position with a federal judge, worry not — there are still plenty of options for you at the state level,” the magazine writes. “It’s not only the strength of your application that matters for securing a state clerkship. Attending a law school with high placement rates for state and local clerkships can be very helpful too, as it reflects past graduates’ reputation with judges, and the law school’s pull within the local community.”

The ranking reveals the top 10 schools—based on the percentage of the graduating class successfully landing a state clerkship—as follows:

  1. Seton Hall: 59.28 percent
  2. Rutgers: 47.11 percent
  3. Baltimore: 28.57 percent
  4. Widener-Delaware: 25.69 percent
  5. Minnesota: 24.39 percent
  6. Maryland: 24.34 percent
  7. Nevada-Las Vegas: 23.26 percent
  8. South Dakota: 22.39 percent
  9. Arizona: 20.31 percent
  10. South Carolina: 20.29 percent

Ron Weich, dean of the UB School of Law, says the school’s high finish is indicative of the school’s integral relationship with the city and state judicial systems.

“This impressive ranking is an important measure of our law school’s success,” Weich says. “A judicial clerkship is often the springboard to a great legal career. More than a third of the state court judges in Maryland are UB Law graduates, and they are proud to hire and mentor the next generation of UB lawyers.”

Weich noted that this is the highest clerkship ranking the school has received in recent memory.

Read the Above the Law article on clerkship rankings.

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