Student Support Director Leslie Metzger to Retire


After 31 years at the University of Baltimore School of Law, Director of Student Support Services Leslie Metzger will retire at the end of July.

Dionne L. Koller, associate dean for Academic Affairs and professor of law, is asking Metzger’s many colleagues and friends to help tell her story.

“We would love for our alums to hear about her retirement and encourage them to send us their photos or memories so that we can compile them,” Koller says.

Any (or all) of the following sorts of things will be included in a memory book:

  • a fun memory about working with Leslie
  • a note for Leslie
  • photos – the older the better!

Please send your items to Laurie Schnitzer by June 10. If you have things that are non-digital, e.g. copies of old UB catalogs with fun pictures, send word to Schnitzer and an attempt will be made to have the items scanned or photographed.

“Leslie has been an important part of UB Law’s history and a voice for students for over three decades,” Koller said. “She will always be part of the UB Law family.”

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