Immigrant Rights Clinical Fellow: Indefinite Detention for Children at the Border? No – That’s Never a Good Idea

Nickole Miller Bio Photo

In an op-ed in The Baltimore Sun, Nickole Miller, a clinical teaching fellow for the Immigrant Rights Clinic at the University of Baltimore School of Law, writes that any policy that leads to detaining children at the border—especially if that detention does not have a clear endpoint—is harmful, even traumatic.

“As an immigration attorney, I have witnessed the toll indefinite detention takes on children and parents,” Miller writes. “Last year, just before Christmas, I traveled to the Berks Family Residential Center in Leesport, Pa. Berks is one of the few immigration detention facilities in the country that holds families. Despite the holiday decorations, the families I met were depressed and distraught. Parents were confused about the immigration process and when they would be released. Children were crying and listless. One little girl kept telling me she just wanted to go home. Another boy told me he missed playing soccer with friends.”

Miller points to research by organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics that makes it clear: children in these settings are both physically and mentally harmed by the experience.

“Furthermore, indefinite detention of children violates internationally accepted human rights principals,” she says.

Read the op-ed.

Learn more about Nickole Miller and the UB School of Law’s Immigrant Rights Clinic.


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One Response to Immigrant Rights Clinical Fellow: Indefinite Detention for Children at the Border? No – That’s Never a Good Idea

  1. Annette Rodriquez says:

    This is torture to these children and do not deserve this cruel and unusual punishment because they have done nothing wrong. How evil can someone be to cause such fear and torment to an innocent child. I learned In International security a terrorist is one or more persons who cause fear to others. Who is the terrorist in this case? This is inhumane and Its satistic. For years they have been separate g families in the Hispanic Community. The welfare system would snatch up children from a single mom for no reason. Now the country has gone to far. Shame on those who support Trump. Impeach…..


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